What our Customers say...


Mike and Julio showed up to our office building very quickly. They explained the procedure and told me what they were going to. They showed us what they did before they left.

The were great I recommend SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County to everyone.

Great response to our office building flooding we had the water everywhere and you rock  !!

I am very happy with the job you did cleaning up all the sewerage at our office building.

Great job everyone was professional and got it cleaned up and it smells much better!!

Thnak you SERVPRO

The teams that worked at our office were wonderful and knew how to clean up the water from the broken pipe. 

We were impressed with the care took and got us cleaned up fast.

We got referred to SERVPRO from our insurance agent for the storm damage to our building.

We were impressed that you arrived on time and started the cleanup and boarding it up right away.

Thank you 

When we had the water damage in our commercial building we talked to two companies and we decided on SERVPRO because they were very honest and professional speaking to us and then cleaned up all the water quickly and they kept us informed all the way until the end

I was very excited by your quick response to get to our soot damage clean up mess. We did not think the soot on the walls would clean up but hafter working so hardy the team did it and we were very happy

Thank you

The fire in our commercial annex building caused a lot 

of damage from smoke/soot and water that was used to put the fire out by the fire department. Your teams showed up so quickly we were impressed and got to work right away.

Thank you SERVPRO

Very nice experience working with you. Bill & Henry were great in clearing up the water damage our house. The water leaked form up stairs to the basement. Thank you for the quick response and wonderful service 

When we called SERVPRO for our water damage at our commercial building we were very nervous about what would happen. When the crews for SERVPRO arrived onsite they  started the water cleanup so fast and sat down with us and explained the procedure as we never had a water damage flood ever before

The teams were wonderful.

We felt at ease through the whole job cleanup process. The Crews cleaned up everything from the fire and soot fast. You even explained everything to us and got our commercial building up and back running fast.

SERVPRO is great in clearing up everything from the water damage flooding

Our commercial office building had a bad water loss and the  teams showed up and got the water out fast. They then removed all damaged furniture to another area and dried it and it it too and then cleaned it up.

Austin, Bill, Jack and Louis did great job 

We called SERVPRO because of a property manager and your reputation of being a leader in cleanup and restoration.

You were great drying up all the water

Thank you for getting here so fast and getting everything cleaned from the fire

Your teams worked really hard clearing up all the water damage from the flooding  thank you !

Your response for the fire clean up we fast and you did a nice job cleaning up the soot and debris

SERVPRO was very fast and removed all the water in our commercial building after hours. great job SERVPRO !!

When our commercial office building flooded you responded great and got all the water out and dried everything fast.


A pipe broke and flooded the basement, SERVPRO came and they were very helpful. Cleaned the flood quickly and were very professional. 

We were worried our office space would not be usable but you set it up so we could operate and the work was completed. THANK YOU 

Thank you for working with my commercial company to clean up the water disaster. You were all very professional

Phil C Auburn Massachusetts

Thank you for everything, Lorraine, Bruce and Michael were the main people I interacted with and were excellent!!

I'd call them again. The crew were polite, professional, and did not waste time. They were hard at work fast. I'll call again if I have a water or fire emergency. Thank you SERVPRO!

I was impressed by the services I got and I will use them in the future should something happen. I'd recommend this SERVPRO to my family and friends undoubtedly.

The restoration done on my home from SERVPRO for water damage was excellent. It looks new. The technicians were pros. I highly recommend SERVPRO.

My friend had a basement flood up in Mass. After seeing it all done I was very impressed with how fast they fixed everything and removed the water. Great job, guys!

I was referred to this SERVPRO by my neighbor. They had a water loss and unfortunately, so did I. SERVPRO was terrific in cleaning up my basement. It truly was, "Like it never even happened."

Excellent job! Sensitive to the tenants situation! Thank you very much!

The building looks great! Your crew was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I will definitely call this SERVPRO again in the future, should another loss occur. Again, thank you for the quick turn around!

Amazing crew with a great work ethic! Thank you.

Thank you for the great work done on my house! I will definitely refer you to my friends and family if they ever require your services.

These people are saints! I woke up to the sound of water rushing in my basement went and found out my hot water tank let go. I contacted SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County in the middle of the night and they were there within hours. They talked me through shutting the water off. They came and removed the stained carpet and the parts of the wall that had gotten wet. Within two weeks my basement had been repaired and looked good as new. Thank you so much to the staff who was such a pleasure and ease to work with.

This Franchise did a great job! Great communication and very patient with my tenant.

Very friendly and knowledge staff. You did a tremendous job tidying up before leaving too, which was much appreciated!

My wife and I could not have been happier with the service that was performed. Our experience was great!

My husband Bill and I owe a debt of gratitude to SERVPRO and the amazing staff who came to our rescue. From the initial call I made on December 31st, the night a sprinkler pipe burst in our garage, to the immediate response by phone from Dameian, we have been more than impressed and extremely thankful! We were so happy with your response and your team's efforts that we referred SERVPRO to two neighbors who had the exact thing happen in their garages!

I cannot thank you enough for working on my business over New Years. I did not think I was going to be able to find a restoration company that worked over the holidays. You are true life savers!

When I thought my pipes had burst, your technicians assured me that it was merely a clogged drain. Best news I heard all year. Happy holidays!

My two year old son flushed some of his toys down the toilet in our basement. Water started to overflow into the play room, soaking up into the carpet. After doing some research, I found out I needed to remove the water and the carpet. I called SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, who took care of everything. They made the whole process easy. Thank you so much! 

I want to recognize and thank your general manager Gene. While I was at the bank the other day in Mendon, MA I left my wallet behind. Gene jumped out of line to make sure I didn't drive off without it. Thank you Gene! 

After my grandchildren and their dog stayed with me for a week, my carpets were an absolute mess. They needed to be professionally cleaned and that's what I got when I called SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County. You guys did a great job! Thank you so much! 

After my son accidentally put tinfoil in our microwave, we were left with smoke damage and an awful odor throughout multiple rooms. We called SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County who took care of the smoke damage along with the awful smell. This was my first time using a restoration service and I couldn't have asked for better experience. I will definitely be using this franchise again if ever needed again! I suggest anyone in Milford to use this SERVPRO. Thank you!

After I went down to my basement last week to file away my summer clothes, I noticed a very strange smell in my basement. I called to the area tested for mold and sure enough, the report came back positive. SERVPRO did a great job keeping me up-to-date with what was going on and I could not be happier.

I reached out to my facilities manager about a leak in my office and it turned out that it was apart of a massive flood on the top floor above my office. SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County came to our office and took care of the problem in no time. Thank you very much!

I was at the grocery store, struggling with my groceries, when a young man came over and helped me put my bags in my car. I noticed he was wearing a SERVPRO shirt and that he worked for this franchise. Thank you very much, Matthew, for your help! You are a very classy organization.

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County arrived to my Sturbridge home two hours after the firefighters left. They had an efficient plan and made my wife feel at ease. Thank you very much!

Thank you for finally making my home odor free! The smell of mold coming from my attic was unbearable. You truly do make it, "Like it never even happened."

Thought I was going to have to close my business down for at least a week when I found out one of the pipes had burst. In a panic, I called SERVPRO and they immediately came on scene ready to remediate the situation. Thank you.

Thought I could just remove mold myself. I was wrong. After a week of wiping it away, it came back and I was finally fed up. I searched online to find a company that would resolve the situation once and for all. SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was that company.

My son left the bathroom sink running over night and when we woke up, there was water everywhere. I quickly pulled out my phone and Googled SERVPRO. Their response time was second to none. Thank you very much!

After the rainstorm, I couldn't believe how much flooding made its way into my home. I am very impressed with the equipment that was used, as well as their customer service!

I couldn't believe the amount of soot that was on my kitchen's wall after the grease fire. SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County came in and took care of the problem before it was too late. Thanks!

Saw the SERVPRO van at my neighbors home. Having worked with this SERVPRO before, I knew that they were in good hands.

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County helped save me over three days of production. Not only were your techniques amazing, but your customer service was phenomenal.

Thank you very much, SERVPRO, for remediating my home. I knew I had experienced a water damage, but I didn't know how far reaching it was. You came into my home, removed all of the water, and ensured me that there would be no mold growth! 

After my home flooded, I thought my work documents were done for. When SERVPRO asked me if I was aware of their document drying techniques, I was blown away at how well they were able to restore them. Thanks a million!

I thought I was going to have to shut down my company for at least one week after the pipes froze on the entire first floor. To my surprise, SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County got my office back up and running in ONE day. I couldn't believe it! Thank you for everything that you do.

SERVPRO was very professional, prompt, and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for a better restoration company after my building caught on fire in Spencer, Massachusetts. Thank you very much!

Thank you SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County for extracting all of the water from my company's office building! I thought I was done for when I arrived and I heard water leaking from the pipes. You guys saved me! I couldn't be happier. 

Thank you so much for cleaning my home after the ice dam! Lorraine is the best representative that I have ever dealt with.

The recent snow storm left my home devasted. I could not believe that the build up of snow could cause my roof to collapse. Upon calling this SERVPRO, I was assured that it would all be taken care of. Boy, was I in good hands! Thanks a million!

Your crew rocks! I am very impressed with the level of service and I will never use another company besides SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County!

Thank you very much for remediating my home after the pipe freeze. I thought I was done for until your crew arrived to my home! Thanks a million!

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was very professional and polite during their time in my home. I was very impressed with not only the level of skill, but also the level of customer service. Thank you very much.

I was extremely pleased with the work the crew performed. Also, I felt comfortable with the worker's presence in my home. The crew leader, Dave, put great effort into client satisfaction. He was courteous, pleasant, and friendly. The crew worked cooperatively and diligently, throughout their assignment. I would recommend this group of workers to others who might be in need of similar service.

I personally want to commend your excellence remediation skills, patience, and kindness to me and my home. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the crew!

Our situation was bad. The soot was everywhere, but you responded very fast and made my family and I feel safe. Once the cleanup was completed, we were surprised at the quality and care of your crew(s). Thank you again!


You are getting double thank you for a job well-done! The service you provided to my home was prompt and efficient. Amazing company with even more amazing employees.

Great job cleaning up our buildings disaster. Everyone in the office thought you were professional, prompt, and polite. I am very pleased with my decision to call your company for the job! Thank you SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County.

You did not stop helping us! When you told me you would get here fast, you actually meant it! That is outstanding customer service! Thank you!

For the longest time, our building never experienced any problems. This past wind and rain storm brought flooding into our business and we thought we were done for. Thanks to you guys, we were able to get it up and running in a matter of no time! SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County is the best! 

Thank you SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County for extracting the water from my basement! After the pipe had burst, I thought my basement was done for. You responded in a quick period of time and prevented the growth and spread of mold! Thanks a million!

After the fire, my carpets were covered in soot and water from the firefighters. I could not have been happier with the manner in which SERVPRO conducts their business and how efficient they are at cleaning! Thank you! 

After my home tested positive for mold, I called the professionals at SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, and it was the best decision I could have ever made. The mold was remediated in no time, and I did not have to worry about inhaling any of the toxins anymore.

My neighbor could not stop raving about how well of a job you did helping their grandmother move contents after a flood in her basement. I will definitely be referring my friends to use SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County!

My children and dog tracked mud all over my rug and floors. For weeks, it began to discolor and I thought I was going to be forced to buy a new one. That was until SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County came to the rescue and restored the quality of the carpet to its original condition. Thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County for cleaning up the mess from the container that was leaking. Whenever biohazardous materials leak, it is no laughing business. SERVPRO took care of the problem in no time and we were able to get back to working.

Didn't realize how much soot was actually on my walls after the fire until SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County provided me with their "soot test kit." This made choosing them to clean my walls a no-brainer. Was very happy with my decision!

My mother was very pleased with the work you did on her home. Her ducts had not been cleaned in some time, and now thanks to you guys, the house doesn't smell like dirt. Thank you!

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County came into my home, located the source of the broken pipe, and replaced the wall(s) that had been affected by the leak. Thank you very much for working with us.

Although it was a small house fire, the soot and smoke damage that affected my home was quite the eyesore. SERVPRO of Southern Worcester not only came and fixed the problem, but also informed me of the dangers of leaving the situation unattended to. Thank you!

Never thought the stench of sewage would be removed from my bathroom. You guys really know what you are doing and I could not be more thankful.

Great customer service and communication. You took the time to address all of my concerns. Loraine was very helpful throughout the entire process and Mike was extremely personable. Dave came after hours to accommodate my work schedule and it made the process convenient and seamless.

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was great during the mold remediation process. I actually felt as if they treated my home as if it was one of their own. Could not have been happier.

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was a pleasure to deal with on the phone. They talked me through the necessary steps to assure me that the work at my home would be taken care of in no time. Thank you for the assurance.

I noticed how well the crews worked together. Nowadays, you just don't see that type of work camaraderie. That definitely speaks volumes about the type of organization that you guys are.

Also, great job cleaning up our office disaster!

Great job with the mold remediation and water repair. Your staff was prompt and very professional.

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester county was awesome! The damage that my home incurred due to the harshness of the weather was upsetting However, SERVPRO arrived very fast, and truly made the disaster, "Like it never even happened."

There was mold everywhere in my parents attic. Thanks to SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, we can actually breathe now when we go up there. You guys rock!

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County could not have been better. When our building was experiencing flooding due to the rainfall, they came in and solved the problem quicker than we expected. Thank you very much.

The smoke smell was unbearable. You guys knew what you were doing and restored my building back to its preloss condition. Great job!

There was soot EVERYWHERE until SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County arrived to my home! Thank you!

Water drying and disaster cleanup are very stressful, unless you work with a company like SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County. The soot from the initial fire damage was everywhere and water had sprayed everywhere during the firefighter efforts. You made it all, "Like it never even happened." Thank you! 

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County is the ideal disaster restoration company. They truly put the customer first and work with you throughout the entire restoration process. Thank you for being so understanding and kind.  

The storm damage at our commercial building was really bad. Your crew removed the water and got the job done in a matter of no time. It was truly amazing how it was all removed.

There was water everywhere. Thank you so much for removing it all! You saved me!

Our commercial office smells terrific after the cleaning and restoration process. The crew removed the soot off of the walls and it looks stupendous. SERVPRO cleaning at its best!

Phil was awesome! He was very professional & kept us informed every step of the way!

Upon coming back from our honeymoon, our basement was severely flooded. Thanks to SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, they were able to remove all of the water and the gross musky smell from our basement.

The amount of water in my basement left me at a loss for words. You guys came in and cleaned up the mess, no problem! Great job!

Thank you for cleaning the air ducts at our commercial property! We can finally breathe! 

Even though the ice dam happened a long time ago, we still very much appreciate your work and effort(s) to restore our area in the commercial building.

Our commercial warehouse never looked so clean. Soot was everywhere! Your crew worked very hard to remove the soot from each and every piece of furniture. Amazing job!

The smell in our office was horrendous. SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, Thank you very much for the extensive cleanup and odor removal. 

Thank you for the fire damage cleanup! I am very pleased with the services that were provided at my home!

After the water damage, I could tell there was something wrong with my closet. A very strong and offensive odor began to keep me up at night. Your crew was fast and fixed the problem in no time! Mold go away!

Thank you for the fire cleanup at our commercial building! The job went very smooth and my office doesn't even look like a fire happened!

No one understands the hardship(s) of a house fire until it actually happens to them. My wife and I were devastated with the soot damage that spread throughout my home's kitchen and living area. Your company came to my home when I needed someone. You saved my home! 

The smoke smell was very strong. You guys removed the odor and we cannot thank you enough!

Your company rocks! 

You guys are amazing. After the water was removed, it dried in no time. Unbelievable! 

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was very professional, prompt, and polite. We are very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for a more trustworthy company.

When the pipe broke on the second floor of our office building, my wife and I panicked. We did not know what to do until our insurance agent referred us to SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County. You showed up with four trucks and began working immediately. We love you!

After the contractors finished the construction, my house was a mess. My wife and I did not know what to do until we called SERVPRO. The work you do is truly magical. Thank you very much. 

Great job cleaning up the fire debris and getting my house finally back in order. Thank you SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County!

Our house is located at the bottom of a small hill in Auburn. Our basement was flooded and I just want to thank SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County for arriving at my home in no time to make it, "Like it never even happened."

Could not believe just how gross a sewer damage was until it happened to my family. I am very impressed with the level of service and I could not have asked for better service. 

After three long months of suffering through the disgusting odor in our office, your company got the smell out of our offices. Thanks!

Thank you for everything! From the start to the finish your crews made me feel at ease and stress free. Great experience cleaning up the fire damage at my office building in Webster, Massachusetts. 

The crew was on time and very professional. Thank you for cleaning our home in Auburn, Massachusetts!

I would like to thank the entire SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County staff for their fine work. You were very professional and provided exceptional services at my home. Could not have asked for a more professional company to work with!

Unbelievable customer service. Your company rocks!

You are a great, hard-working team. Dave was very knowledgeable and answered all of my concerns during a stressful time.

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County is full of very hard workers. My family and I are very satisfied with your service(s).

Everyone was very nice, hard working, and courteous.

Great work, very pleased with your service!

The team working on my house has been great leaving the area(s) they have been in clean. Great job! Thanks!