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Water Damage Testimonials

Very nice experience working with you. Bill & Henry were great in clearing up the water damage our house. The water leaked form up stairs to the basement. Thank you for the quick response and wonderful service 

SERVPRO is great in clearing up everything from the water damage flooding

Your teams worked really hard clearing up all the water damage from the flooding  thank you !

A pipe broke and flooded the basement, SERVPRO came and they were very helpful. Cleaned the flood quickly and were very professional. 

Thank you for working with my commercial company to clean up the water disaster. You were all very professional

Phil C Auburn Massachusetts

Thank you for everything, Lorraine, Bruce and Michael were the main people I interacted with and were excellent!!

Very friendly and knowledge staff. You did a tremendous job tidying up before leaving too, which was much appreciated!

My husband Bill and I owe a debt of gratitude to SERVPRO and the amazing staff who came to our rescue. From the initial call I made on December 31st, the night a sprinkler pipe burst in our garage, to the immediate response by phone from Dameian, we have been more than impressed and extremely thankful! We were so happy with your response and your team's efforts that we referred SERVPRO to two neighbors who had the exact thing happen in their garages!

When I thought my pipes had burst, your technicians assured me that it was merely a clogged drain. Best news I heard all year. Happy holidays!

My two year old son flushed some of his toys down the toilet in our basement. Water started to overflow into the play room, soaking up into the carpet. After doing some research, I found out I needed to remove the water and the carpet. I called SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, who took care of everything. They made the whole process easy. Thank you so much! 

My son left the bathroom sink running over night and when we woke up, there was water everywhere. I quickly pulled out my phone and Googled SERVPRO. Their response time was second to none. Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for cleaning my home after the ice dam! Lorraine is the best representative that I have ever dealt with.

Thank you SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County for extracting the water from my basement! After the pipe had burst, I thought my basement was done for. You responded in a quick period of time and prevented the growth and spread of mold! Thanks a million!

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County came into my home, located the source of the broken pipe, and replaced the wall(s) that had been affected by the leak. Thank you very much for working with us.

Great customer service and communication. You took the time to address all of my concerns. Loraine was very helpful throughout the entire process and Mike was extremely personable. Dave came after hours to accommodate my work schedule and it made the process convenient and seamless.

Upon coming back from our honeymoon, our basement was severely flooded. Thanks to SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County, they were able to remove all of the water and the gross musky smell from our basement.

The amount of water in my basement left me at a loss for words. You guys came in and cleaned up the mess, no problem! Great job!

Your company rocks! 

You guys are amazing. After the water was removed, it dried in no time. Unbelievable! 

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was very professional, prompt, and polite. We are very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for a more trustworthy company.

When the pipe broke on the second floor of our office building, my wife and I panicked. We did not know what to do until our insurance agent referred us to SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County. You showed up with four trucks and began working immediately. We love you!

Our house is located at the bottom of a small hill in Auburn. Our basement was flooded and I just want to thank SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County for arriving at my home in no time to make it, "Like it never even happened."

Could not believe just how gross a sewer damage was until it happened to my family. I am very impressed with the level of service and I could not have asked for better service.